Plasma Physics

  • Focused on plasma science with 115 staff including 28 researchers
    and professors, 27 ITA, 32 PhD students and 12 postdocs combining
    theoretical, experimental and numerical approaches for very different
    applications : plasma for fusion by magnetic confinement, space plasmas
    and cold plasmas.
  • Has been selected to operate instruments in international
    high-level large-scale facilities as tokamaks or space missions. The
    cold plasmas with a strong potential for applications is for example at
    the origin of a start-up and responsible for an industrial Chair (POSEIDON).

Intense Laser Utilization

  • Hot Plasma Physics, from atoms to stars, a training center in Optics, Lasers & Plasmas.
  • A national and European Research Infrastructure since 1975, with more than 80 out of 105 staff (17 researchers and professors, 50 ITA, 10 PhD students and 5 postdocs.
  • As Research Infrastructure, LULI offers state-of-art laser and experimental multi-beam facilities to the largest user community. LULI is developing research programs on radiation-produced plasmas and their applications.

Applied Optics

  • Involves 35 staff in plasma science (12 researchers and professors, 11 ITA, 7 PhD students and 5 postdocs).
  • Is recognized as a research center for fundamental and applied physics in ultrafast laser-plasma science, with the mission to understand and reveal the properties of the matter under strong excitation and at the shortest time or space scales.
  • Its activity covers a wide spectrum from academic research to industrial and societal applications. Among its succes, LOA leads four running European ERC grants and participates to two EQUIPEX.

Interfaces, low-temperature plasmas

  • 30 staff involved in plasma science (7 researchers and professors, 7 ITA, 11 PhD students and 5 post-docs).
  • Use of large-area, low-temperature plasma process to the fabrication of optoelectronic materials with applications in the fields of photovoltaics, electronics, sensors, and batteries through national and international collaborations.
  • Participates to the “Institut Photo-Voltaïque en Ile-de-France” (IPVF) supported by the PIA state programme and is responsible for the Industrial Chair (PISTOL).

Theoretical Physics

  • Two teams dedicate their activity to plasma physics: one in hot magnetized plasmas, and one in laser generated plasmas. Both teams struggle to combine the theoretical modeling of fundamental processes to the development of novel numerical methods allowing multi-scale simulations. They also interact with experimentalists in the framework of national and international collaborations, in order to help in the interpretation of actual data and have longstanding collaborations with LOA, LPICM, LULI and LPP.

Applied Mathematics

  • Ten researchers involving software engineers with a strong experience on fundamental fluid modeling of plasma flows from kinetic theory, asymptotic analysis, novel numerical methods for strongly multiscale problems, and high-performance computing on new architectures (Initiative HPC@Maths). Several PhD students and post-doctoral fellows in the field of plasma physics simulation.
  • Collaborations on different plasma applications are carried out with LPP and LPICM and the Aerospace Department at the von Karman Institute, and NASA’s Advanced Supercomputer division.

Owns a simulation program concerning the laser – plasma interaction for the production of fast electrons in collaboration with CPHT and LULI (1 researcher, 1 PhD student, 1 postdoc).

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