Head of the PLASMAScience: Fouad Sahraoui

Deputy Head of the PLASMAScience: Anne Bourdon

Project Manager: Tatiana Juresic

The governance of the PLASMAScience is led by the newly established Council which representing the PLASMAScience’s ecosystem: training and research, including all plasma physics specialties. This first Council is expected to evolve and can be renew regularly. The Council will meet to establish strategic guidelines and to take decisions on: ½ Doctoral or Post-Doctoral grants, Masters scholarships, internship fellowships, calls for devices for experimental and digital courses, trainings and events.

Members of the Council:

  1. Patrick AUDEBERT
  2. Séréna BASTIANI, Representative of Master GI
  3. Silke BIERMANN, Representative of the Physics Departments of the X and of the IP Paris
  5. Anne BOURDON, Deputy Head of the PLASMAScience
  6. Mickael GRECH, Representative of PhD track, Master PPF
  7. Fouad SAHRAOUI, Head of the PLASMAScience
  8. Erik JOHNSON
  9. Catherine KRAFFT, Representative of Master PPF
  10. Sébastien LE PAPE
  11. Marc MASSOT
  12. Timothée NICOLAS
  13. Michèle RAYNAUD – BRUN
  14. Laurence REZEAU, Representative of the Research Federation in Plasma Physics PLAS@PAR
  15. Stéphane SEBBAN